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Geert Reuten [foto Koos Breukel dec 2010]

Geert Reuten (photo: Koos Breukel)

Personal information
♦ Dr Geert Reuten taught from 1977-2011 economics at the School of Economics of the University of Amsterdam, where he is currently a guest professor in Political Economy.
♦ From 2007-2015 he was a member of the Senate of the Netherlands for the Socialist Party (SP):  spokesperson for financial, monetary and economic affairs.
♦ He studied at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (MA sociological economics) and at the University of London (MSc economics, Birkbeck College); he gained a PhD in economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Research fields
♦ Political economy and economic policy;
♦ Methodology of Systematic Dialectics;
♦ Value-form theory;
♦ Marx’s political economy of capitalism;
♦ Current research: the systemic interconnection within capitalism of the economy, legal right and the configuration of the state, as determining the constellation of economic policy (book in preparation).

♦ two authored books (English); editor of six books (two in English);
♦ 65 publications in academic journals and books (mainly in English);
♦ 60 professional publications in non-academic journals and newspapers (in Dutch);
♦ 70 written assessments of Dutch law proposals: 2007-2015 (in Dutch).

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